Codezade is on Ekotürk TV this week

This Sunday, at 12:00 noon, on Ekotürk channel’s lifestyle program, appeared as the founder and owner of Ashkan Nabizadeh company. Throughout the program, conducted a detailed presentation of codezade company, covering various aspects.

Focusing on the services codezade provide, you had the opportunity to showcase the strengths and unique features of your business to the viewers. Simultaneously, by providing information about your future goals and strategies, you shared your company’s journey towards sustainable growth and success with the audience.

In the later segments of the program, codezade discussed industry developments and how codezade company adapts to these changing dynamics, imparting current trends to the viewers. By sharing details about codezade business’s future projects and innovation goals, you contributed to the audience’s better understanding of codezade company’s future plans.

With codezade rich content encompassing all these elements, you not only presented your company’s present but also offered viewers a close look at its potential in the future. The program provided a comprehensive insight into the standout features, mission, and vision of codezade company under the leadership of Ashkan Nabizadeh, emphasizing its dynamism.