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A web agency, also known as a web design or development agency, typically works in the following way

Client Consultation

Client approaches agency with project requirements; team meets to understand goals, audience, design, functionality, and budget.

Project Proposal

Client's requirements guide proposal creation, followed by contract agreement upon acceptance.

Planning and Strategy

The agency's diverse team collaborates to outline project structure, design, tech, and milestones.

Design Phase

Designers create mockups, wireframes, and visuals, iterate with clients for final approval.


Developers code, set up databases, integrate APIs, and rigorously test based on approved requirements.

Content Creation

Content creators produce and enhance web content for engagement, informativeness, and SEO.

Quality Assurance

The team tests rigorously for bugs, cross-browser compatibility, and security issues.

Client Review

Client reviews project, offers feedback, requests changes or improvements as needed.


After client approval, the project goes live on a public server.

Maintenance and Support

Post-launch, the agency may provide continuous maintenance, including updates, security, and troubleshooting.

Marketing and SEO (Optional)

Web agencies provide SEO and digital marketing services for enhanced online visibility.

Reporting and Analytics (Optional)

Agencies offer clients data reports to improve website/app performance through analytics.
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